Cover by honors landscape architecture major Hannah Moll

For more on her honors thesis see Big Picture Data.

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Trial by Hire

Trial by Hire

Forget about fetching coffee and filing – these honors interns are organizing exhibitions, projecting sales figures, teaching kindergartners new to the U.S., and saving money for the firms that hired them. University of Arkansas honors students have had some unique opportunities in recent years, with major businesses and cultural amenities right in their backyard. Anthony Blake and Samantha Kirby report.

Postcards From Peru

Check out our video postcard, then visit the Honors Passport site to learn about the Pilgrimage course for students and the Peru trip for alumni & friends.

Office Hours

Classics Professor Daniel Levine reflects on his Wunderkammer in Kimpel Hall By Daniel LevinePhotos by Russell CothrenLast week during “Greek Hour,” one of my students looked at my bookshelf and abruptly said, “Are those boxer shorts with the Grinch’s face on them?”...

In this new feature focused on professors in their campus habitat, Classics Professor Daniel Levine reflects on his Wunderkammer in Kimpel Hall.

Join us on an adventure!

Students: Retrace the steps of medieval pilgrims following the storied Camino de Santiago

Alumni & Friends: Join us on a trek to Lima, Cusco & Machu Picchu

Student trip: May 12-27, 2018Alumni & Friends trip: Summer 2018

Dean’s List: Top Five Curricular Adventures

2016-2017 was an experimental year for new coursework and programming. Honors College Forums: Last spring’s Flagship U! featured Chancellor Joe Steinmetz, who invited 14 future leaders to join him at his dining room table each Monday evening. At the table, the group...

Fashion for the 21st-Century Flower Child

“They’re incredible! Katie and Laura took a dream I had and made it happen – they’ve opening up a whole new area of research for our program.” The theme was “Futuristic Floral” and the student designers rose to the challenge: the models who strutted down the runways...

Double Duty for Future MD

As part of his biochemistry thesis, Will Pohlman developed a dye technique that may prove useful to pharmacological companies. Biochemistry and animal science proved to be the perfect double major for Sturgis Fellow Will Pohlman, who dreamed about a career...

Gifts: Doubling Down on the Value of Study Abroad

“Mother traveled everywhere, but I think that she ... enjoyed the thrill of seeing college students experience their first travel to Europe more than anything.” by John D. Treat In the 1950s and 1960s, Libby Finch made a vocation of taking students on extended trips...

Portfolio: Self-Portrait in 8 Sketches

Portfolio: Self-Portrait in 8 Sketches Ariel Romero (B.F.A., graphic design, cum laude, ’17) drew on personal experience to produce his honors thesis Welcome to America, a series of eight posters and a brochure that explore the plight of undocumented college students....

Save the Date: Payton Head

Honors College Invites: Payton Head March 6, 2018 6 p.m. Gearhart Hall Auditorium Speaking Up for Inclusion It wasn’t the first time Payton Head was assaulted with racial slurs on the University of Missouri campus. But this time, when his Friday night...

Last Word: Reflections on Peru

For Honors College Fellow Cami Conroy, the Honors Humanity Program course (H2P) sparked a new appreciation for history’s power to “tell people’s stories.” She got an up-close look at the history and culture of Peru thanks to the new Honors Passport...